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Mark Eadle discovered the difference fitted clubs could make to his golf game. It turns out that he was just as surprised as you will be to learn about the improvements that a fitted club can offer to a player.

Mark had already been playing and teaching the game of golf for just over a decade, when he decided to take a closer look into fitted clubs. Coming from another professional sport, he knew that he was already a reliable source on the subject of sports equipment, and wondered, like many people do, whether or not club fitting was just a way for brands to make more money on their kit. So when he walked into a fitting, he was not expecting too much. He thought his game was OK, and he was a satisfactory ball striker, so there was not a lot of reason to make a change. You may be thinking the same thing.

However, he went to see what Infinity Golf had to offer him - and was in for a real shock, because it turns out that he had been playing with clubs that could not offer him his best game for the entire decade! Within minutes, the owners of Infinity Golf were able to show him what they meant in a simple and easy to understand way. They were not even trying to sell him one brand over another; they simply wanted to explain how the shafts in golf clubs have a lot to do with the overall performance you will get out of your clubs. And needless to say, the results were amazing.

If a tiny change in a fitted club can change the game for a professional golf coach, imagine what it could do for you as well. Zemsports wants to make sure that everyone has the chance to experience this change for themselves, which is why we offer club fitting as part of our product offerings. With the combination of excellent coaching, and clubs that fit you properly, you will be able to play a better game,. It's definitely worth trying out a fitting, because the change is evident within just minutes.

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