Club House

Zemsports is able to reach out to golfers that want to improve their game by recognising that everyone has their own unique needs. Every golfer needs improvement in different areas of their game, every golfer has a different preferred way to play, and every golfer learns in a different manner.

Zemsports is helping to build the passion of avid golfers, by providing them with a place to play that will also help them sharpen their skills. The company has created the National Golf League, which will extend across the UK and offer a chance for players of all skill levels to build teams, and play against each other on a regular basis. Competition allows golfers to thrive, and those playing together in teams can take note of different skill levels and techniques to help improve their own game. ​

Golf is a sport that grows with its players. The more you put into your game of golf, the more you can expect to get out of it, and that's why Zemsports offers golf with Passion!!!!