National Golf League / Intro

Anyone who really enjoys golf, even if they only play casually, wants to improve their game. The National Golf League enables you to play competitive team golf in a sociable, fun environment.

You can play NGL golf all year round, and at Zemsports we believe it's an excellent way to get your handicap down. The aim of the NGL is to help golfers improve their game and provide them with friendly competition. NGL golf takes place on driving ranges around the UK. One of the best parts of the NGL is that it was designed by golfers who have given a lot of input into the actual league rules and tables. Because of this, the NGL is very accommodating, and easy to get to grips with for those who play golf, whether on a regular basis or not. The NGL allows golfers to find a place to play with, and learn from others, regardless of their actual skill level. Even golfers that only play on the weekends will be able to find a great way to dive right in, play under the rules of golf, and enjoy some of the perks of league play.

The vision of the NGL is for players to compete in teams all year round, having fun and socialising with other golfers. The end result will be better scores each game, so that by the end of the summer your putting score will be much more impressive, as will your overall game. Players will be spurred on by their continual improvement, and their passion for golf will grow as a result. You can track your NGL progress online, both individually and as a team. Everyone has the ability to share their knowledge with others, and when all of this knowledge is combined, the result is a league where everyone can grow.

Why come and play NGL golf?

The NGL will play at various venues across the UK, outlined by the map below. This map will continue to grow as the National Golf League expands in popularity, and more areas and venues are added. If you don't see a local venue yet, continue to check back, and in the meantime, consider signing up to play at your nearest location instead; the NGL is an experience that no avid golfer will want to miss out on. Contact Zemsports today to find an NGL venue in your local area.