About Page

Zemsports is a family run business which was started by Mark and Zak Eadle, a father and son team dedicated to sports. Zemsports is focused on golf, but its owners have experience in many different sports, and believe that all great things start with great passion. Their enthusiasm for the sport can be seen in the way they select their sport and coaching products. The focal point of Zemsports is providing its customers with great products that help rejuvenate - or cultivate - a zest for golf. Anyone that enjoys golf will enjoy checking out what Zemsports has to offer them!

Mark Eadle has worked as both a coach and a player for the past three decades, and enjoys working with all types of players. He started off his career in the realm of sports as a professional football player, before he moved into the world of real tennis. He was ranked in the top ten in the world while playing real tennis, and has gone on to be recognised as one of the best real tennis coaches. Today, he is pursuing his passion for golf, and, in his usual fashion, fine-tuned his game until he was able to become a qualified golf pro who could coach others to achieve a great game.

His son Zak left school at 16 when he was offered a contract to play football for Cheltenham Town. After two years of playing for the local club he moved to the United States, where he received a football scholarship to play in Washington DC. At the moment Zak is back in the UK to help his dad set up Zemsports, and to inspire others to follow their dream of having fun while improving their skills. Zak is also working on taking his own game up to the next professional level in Real Tennis he is the top Ranked player in the world at under 21.

Mark and Zak believe that there is no end to the quest to be a better athlete, and that is why Zemsports aims to help players improve their game by learning new coaching methods, playing in real competitions around the UK in the National Golf League, and by purchasing products that are tailored to meet their specific needs. All of the products offered by Zemsports have been carefully selected and cultivated to include only the best brands. The passion in their athletic careers has clearly spilled into the business practice at Zemsports, and the result is very satisfied customers